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Year 5


New 2016/ 2017 Year 5 Blog coming soon...

Week ending 10th June 2016

This week, in year 5 we've been deepening our knowledge of non-chronological reports. We linked our English lessons with what we've been doing in Science (reproduction in plants and animals) and we've been writing a report on Plants. What are they for? How do they reproduce? What do they need to grow? It's so good to use our scientific knowledge in English lessons. This term we've started reading a new book called 'A child's garden'. It is so exciting, even though it talks about a boy living in a war torn country. We are looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Week ending 22nd April 2016 

Armley Mills Trip
This Half Term we have started studying World War II and as a part of our curriculum we went on a fantastic trip to Armley Mills to take part in very engaging workshops. We started by looking at the Morrisson shelter - where people hid during bomb raids and what they took with them (food, medical supplies, gas masks, ID cards). We even managed to get into one!
We saw artifacts and we learnt about the objects, food, rationing and we learnt how people performed different house chores back in the 40s. 
We looked at the posters from that era warning people of a danger of bomb raids. 
Finally just before lunchtime we all went to an old-fashioned cinema to watch a movie about the life in the times of War, especially the time of evacuation. It was really heartbreaking and we all watched it with eyes filling up with tears. 
After we had our lunch we all entered the world of 1940s schooling system. That was quite an experience as a school back in the 1940s was much different! We all were given the names from that era and took part in various activities including the practise against the gas raid. What a great day we had!

Week ending 25th March 2016 

This week Year 5 spent doing various activities based around Easter. The culmination of those was an assembly in which the best Decorated Eggs were awarded! Our friends from DePuy came over to help us out and judge our work and hand us delicious choclate eggs as a reward! From Year 5 the winners were: Samanta, Harley and Kiko! 

Week ending 11th March 2016

This week Year 5 went on the enchanted trip to the Grand Theatre in Leeds to watch the mesmerising performance of Swan Lake! Adored by the audiences for over a hundred years Swan Lake is the most famous ballet in the world! 
We had a chance to listen to Tchaikovsky's beautiful and moving score, played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia! 
 We loved it and we highly recommend it to everyone to see!

Week ending 4th March 2016

Today we had a special day in school to celebrate the languages that children speak in school. We celebrated International Mother Tongue day. We arrived at school wearing clothes that were traditional for other countries, lots of children wore clothes that were traditional dress for their family. We had a special assembly this morning where children across Key Stage 2 presented information about the languages that their mothers speak.


Week ending 29th January

This week in Year five we have been taking part in a project called Dialogical Teaching which incorporates talk into our lessons to help improve understanding and develop our reasoning skills. Every two weeks a lesson is recorded and the year five teachers plan how we can improve this talk for learning even further. This has been a great success so far and our last video shows how much the children have come on, in 5D and 6D the children took part in, and lead, focused group discussions about what came first…the chicken or the egg. There were some interesting and creative ideas.

Don’t forget Harry Potter day next Thursday, I have my cloak ready!


Week ending 22nd January

This week some of the children in Year 5 have been getting into the role of Zoe, from our text this term (Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick), and writing a speech persuading the residents of an island to elect her as the leader. There have been some convincing speeches which were filmed and watched back within the class. I’m sure the children will agree that this is a great book that has had us all hooked from the beginning.

In science we have been designing our own animals and using everything we have learnt about life cycles to create one for them. There have been some interesting animals and some children have thought about the effect humans can have on a life cycle which can lead to animals becoming endangered... next week we will look at how humans can prevent this!


Week ending 15th January 2016

In Science this week we all practised our reasoning skills! We argued the answer to the old question: What was first? A chicken or an egg? We still do not know, as we are really difficult to convince! Next week we will hold up a real debate!

Arithmetic practise got us all thinking constantly about numbers! 56 letters in that last exclamation! What to add to 56 to get 100? See, I told you!