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Year 3


New 2016/ 2017 Year 3 Blog coming soon...

Week ending 10th June 2016

This week we have really enjoyed the sunny weather in Year 3, we hope that this lovely weather continues. This week we started our new topic all about the seaside and we are very excited about our trip to Filey that will be happening in July. Letters for this trip were send out this week, please return these as soon as possible. In Literacy this week we started a new unit of work on poetry. Throughout the week we have done lots of work on performance poetry and we even wrote our own Kennings relating to the seaside. In Maths this week we have enjoyed doing work on capacity. In assembly today we talked about the exciting events happening this weekend and lots of children are looking forward to the triathlon, the Queens birthday celebration and also watching lots of football! 

Don't forget that on Monday to celebrate the Queens birthday we will be dressing in red, white and blue. 

Week ending 22nd April 2016 

Everyone came back to school this week having had a good break over the last 2 weeks. We have enjoyed hearing about all of the things that children have been doing during the holidays. 

In Literacy this week we were introduced to a book that we would be doing work on throughout this term. Before the book was revealed to us we did lots of prediction work. By the end of the week we discovered that the book was called In Egyptian Times to link with our new topic. 

In Maths this week we did work on the time, we learnt all of the time facts and used this knowledge to help us tell and write the time. We will continue with time next week. 

Our new topic is the Ancient Egyptians. This week we were introduced to the topic and all thought of things that we would like to learn. We have a very exciting trip to Leeds City Museum planned for this half term. 

Week ending 25th March 2016

This week we have done lots of writing in class, we have been busy learning about non chronological reports. We understand the features of these and we did lots of research this week to find out all about the Beluga Whale. By the end of next week we will have 3 different paragraphs all about this animal. In Maths we have done lots of work on addition and subtraction especially using formal methods. 

In our own time this week we enjoyed decorating eggs for the Easter egg competition. There were loads of very creative designs that were judged by DePuy. 

Week ending 18th March 2016

It has been a busy week in Year 3 this week. On Thursday we enjoyed Book Day, we did this on a different date to the national day as we were celebrating Mother Tongue Day. In Year 3 we had a carousel of activities relating to the story of The Little Prince. In the morning we had a circle time relating to friendships and being a good friend, we worked together to create our own planet using collage material and also wrote book reviews. In the afternoon we watched The Little Prince and discussed the story in our classes.


Week ending 11th March

In Maths this week we continued our work on fractions, we have got much better at fractions and understanding a whole. We did some problem solving relating to our knowledge of fractions, next week we will be looking at our use of number facts to add and subtract.

In Literacy we started planning our stories relating to flooding that links with our topic on rivers. We have done lots of work thinking about word choices, we can’t wait to write our stories next week.

In our topic work we used the knowledge gained in last weeks lessons to write about the water cycle.


Week ending 4th March 2016

Today we had a special day in school to celebrate the languages that children speak in school. We celebrate International Mother Tongue day. We arrived at school wearing clothes that were traditional for other countries, lots of children wore clothes that were traditional dress for their family. We had a special assembly this morning where children across Key Stage 2 presented information about the languages that their mothers speak.


Week ending 26th February 2016

This week we started our new topic on rivers. We have all written questions of things that we would like to find out about during the topic. During our topic lessons this week we created our own mountains using rocks and soil. We poured water on our mountains to act as rain and we observed what happened. We used words such a peak and valleys to describe what happened. We are looking forward to finding out lots more about rivers during the topic.

In Maths this week we have started learning about fractions, we will do lots more work on fractions next week. In Maths this week we have used lots of equipment to help develop our understanding of fractions.

Week ending 12th February 2016

This week we have been really busy, in our topic work we created a class booklet all about the Bronze Age and The Iron Age. We have all learnt lots during the topic.

Our topic next term we be all about rivers, streams and discovering more about the water cycle.


Week ending 5th February 2016

The highlight of our week was Harry Potter Day. On Thursday we all enjoyed dressing up at Harry Potter characters, there were loads of very creative home made outfits.

During the day we solved Harry Potter maths problems where we had to create different totals the turn the teachers into frogs! In Literacy we enjoyed writing our own spell, we also thought about what we would love to do if we became a wizard for the day.

During the afternoon we created our very own coat of arms. Harry Potter Day was loads of fun, we can't wait for World Book Day in March!

Week ending 29th January 2016

In assembly this week we thought about our school vision 'One world, one school' we discussed the meaning of this. We have had another very busy week in Year 3. We have been busy writing newspaper reports relating to the Bronze Age discoveries that were recently in the news. We will display some of these amazing newspaper reports around school once they are completed. We will also display some of these on the website. Next Thursday 4th February will be Harry Potter Day in school. There will be further information about this on the newsletter this week.


Week ending 22nd January 2016

This week we have worked really hard in Year 3. In Science we set up an investigation to discover what happens if a plant loses some of its leaves. The investigations are set up in our classrooms. We will keep looking at the plant to see what happens. In Maths we have been doing lots of work on the formal methods for addition and subtraction. Just a reminder that we are now teaching Maths and Literacy groups in classes rather than in sets as we had been doing during the Autumn term.


Week ending 15th January 2016

It has been a busy start to the term in Year 3.

This week we completed our Literacy work on recounts that we have been working on for the last 2 weeks. We are now much more confident with the features of a recount. In Maths we have been doing lots of work thinking about the value of numbers. We have a much better understanding of this now and next week we will be thinking about addition and subtraction.

In our topic work we have been thinking about bronze and the things that they made using this material. In Science we enjoyed looking at and sorting leaves, we can now name the different features of a leaf!